Budget traveling around the world for 2 years!



Traveling abroad is one of the most rewarding things you can do – the opportunity to experience a new culture and its language, food, art, and unique traditions is a life-changing experience.

Photo: Bangkok Chinatown


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El Salvador: This small Central American country that has sadly suffered through decades of violence has much of the beauty of its more popular neighbors with hardly any tourists! Read more.

Jamaica: The 3rd largest Caribbean island has rich culture, beautiful natural sights, and an excellent party scene. Read more.

Liechtenstein: The world’s 6th smallest country is a kingdom ruled by a prince and has some of the best hiking in Europe. Read more.

Switzerland: Mountains and historic cities are equally magnificent in this small European nation that is full of surprises. Read more.

Thailand: The country’s gorgeous and diverse scenery, multitude of amazing historical landmarks, and top-notch cuisine are sure to make any visit exciting and memorable. Read more.

What To Bring Abroad

  • A credit card with no international fees and/or cash to exchange into the local currency. Research ahead of time but usually it’s cheapest to exchange in your destination outside of the airport.
  • Your hotel & flight confirmation as well as confirmation for any other tours, etc. you have booked
  • Print out maps of the areas in which you’ll be and I also suggest downloading a maps app that you can use without data. Be sure to do this ahead of time as some take quite a while to download.
  • Print out phonetic instructions on how to say “Hello,” “Thank You,” and other basic phrases if you don’t speak the local language – study on the plane 🙂


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