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14317444_10153861678641546_1675782314428513953_nThe Midwest developed around the Great Lakes, five huge bodies of water on the U.S.-Canada border. When the sun comes out in this often cold pocket of the country, the region’s cities come alive as residents and visitors alike flock to beautiful parks, unique eats, and rich culture.

Photo: The Loop, Chicago, from the Chicago River


Chicago: The country’s 3rd largest city and undoubtedly its most architecturally stunning. Read more.


Des Moines: One of the country’s highest rated farmer’s markets and an epic annual State Fair are big draws to this historic city perched on the intersection of two rivers. Read more.


Minneapolis & St. Paul: The Twin Cities have one of the coldest climates in the country, but when weather permits, their abundant parks, lakes, and greenways are wonderful to explore. Read more.


Omaha: Nebraska’s largest city offers visitors a taste of Wild West history, a thriving art scene, and gorgeous views of the Missouri River. Read more.

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