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  • Stunning town built amidst red rock formations
  • One of the best populated places in the country for stargazing
  • Excellent hiking and outdoor activities just outside city limits

Population: 10,100 (#44 in Arizona)

When To Visit: Year-round

Climate: Mostly sunny year-round. Warm and dry in the spring, summer, and fall. Cool with some snow in the winter.

This popular resort town is located in a stunningly unique environment – surrounded by red rock peaks in a beautiful fusion of mountains and desert. There are top-notch spas, art galleries, and eateries within the town and some of the best hiking you can find anywhere just minutes away.

Photo: Airport Loop Trail

Where To Go in Sedona

Broken Arrow Trail

Uptown: The city’s activity hub, this strip of Highway 89A has some of its best food, art galleries, and shops.

Chapel of the Holy Cross: This stunning church carved into red rocks is free to enter. 780 Chapel Road. (928) 282-4069

Sedona Hikes

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge Trail

  • 2 miles round trip, out & back, moderately strenuous
  • Take a daring step onto a large stone arch
  • Panoramic views of the surrounding red rocks
  • When you reach a fork, take the right trail to go to the top\

Broken Arrow & Little Horse Trails

  • 8 miles round trip, out & back, moderately strenuous
  • Walk through, atop, and across countless red rocks
  • Can begin at either the Broken Arrow or Little Horse trailhead

Cathedral Rock Trail

  • 1 mile round trip, out & back, strenuous
  • Climbing to the top of this huge rock is a Sedona must!
  • Once on top, you can wander around to see different views

Courthouse Butte & Bell Rock Trail

  • 4.5 mile loop, easy
  • This loop takes you around the huge Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte formations
  • Bell Rock can be scrambled upon

Cathedral Rock Trail

What To Eat in Sedona

Sedona restaurants and fast casual eateries popular with locals where you can get a full meal for under $15. I always highlight vegan or vegetarian options – cutting down on the amount of meat you eat is by far the #1 way you can reduce your environmental impact and contribute less to animal cruelty.

Tortas de Fuego: A gloriously cheap fast casual spot with all the classic Mexican eats and a variety of delicious salsas and vegetarian options. 1630 West Highway 89A. (928) 282-0226

Picazzo’s: Healthy. Pizza. It may be an oxymoron, but this organic pizza spot with a full menu of pastas and salads comes as close as possible to achieving it. 1855 West Highway 89A. (928) 282-4140

Tii Gavo: This resort restaurant has gorgeous views of Boynton Canyon’s red rocks and a fusion of Southwestern and American cuisine. 525 Boynton Canyon Road. (888) 250-1699

El Rincon: You’ll find Mexican food with a Navajo influence at this affordably priced eatery in a gorgeously decorated Southwestern setting. 336 State Route 179. (928) 282-4648

Nearby Side Trips from Sedona

Downtown Phoenix

Montezuma Castle National Monument: See one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in the world just a half-hour south of Sedona. Read more.

Phoenix: This fast-growing desert city 2 hours to the south colored by cacti and earth tones has become the countryโ€™s 6th largest. Read more.

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