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13350346_10153643941651546_2987504593851261929_oSouthern hospitality and hearty food are some of the defining characteristics of the Southeast corner of the country. This broad region stretches across 14 states and includes a variety of fun cities with unique character and cool sights to explore.

Photo: Downtown Dallas from City Hall

Louisiana Cities

New Orleans: It’s always a party in this vibrant city with some of the country’s best jazz music and a fascinating mix of French and Caribbean influence. Read more.

Tennessee Cities

Nashville: The heart and soul of country music, Nashville is distinguished by the live country and bluegrass you’ll hear in many of its bars and restaurants and an aesthetically pleasing mix of historical and contemporary buildings. Read more.

Texas Cities

Austin: “Keep Austin Weird” is this liberal haven’s unofficial motto. The city has some of the country’s best live music and tons of natural beauty to explore. Read more.

Dallas: You might be shocked to find out that Dallas’ metropolitan area is the 4th largest in the country and its immense size offers a variety of opportunities for sightseeing in this very urban city that’s managed to retain a lot of its cowboy character. Read more.

Houston: One of the country’s largest cities, Houston’s growth has been accelerated by its position as a hub of the country’s oil industry, but its diverse population is shaping it into a more cosmopolitan city. Read more.

San Antonio: You’ll have to go beyond the iconic Alamo and RiverWalk to experience the true character of this city, which has been heavily influenced by its large Latino(a) population. Read more.

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