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  • Stretches from remote mountains in the north to tropical beaches in the south
  • Dotted with historic and architecturally stunning temples
  • Some of the highest rated and cheapest cuisine in the world

Population: 68 million (#21 in the world)

Area: 198,100 sq. miles (#50 in the world)

Largest city: Bangkok (14.6 million metro population)

Tourists visit Thailand more than almost any other Asian country and many locals in the most-visited cities speak English, making it a very easy country to navigate. It’s also shockingly affordable – if you avoid tourist traps, you can get a full meal for about $1 and hotels or hostels for around $10/ night. The country’s gorgeous and diverse scenery, multitude of amazing historical landmarks, and top-notch cuisine are sure to make any visit exciting and memorable.

Get Bangkok and Chiang Mai travel planning tips on my Thailand blog or click on the city of your choice below for a travel guide.

Photo: Grand Palace, Bangkok

Where To Go in Thailand

Wat Sri Siobhan in Chiang Mai

Bangkok: Thailand’s dominant city is filled with modern skyscrapers, historic temples, and easily the best street food in the world. Read more.

Bangkok Chinatown

Chiang Mai: This small peaceful city in Thailand’s northern mountains has over 300 temples to explore and a remarkable town center surrounded by a moat. Read more.

Doi Suthep near Chiang Mai

Sticky Waterfall: Mineral deposits make this remote and off-the-radar waterfall situated deep in a forest very easy to walk on and climb over – an unforgettable experience! Read more.

A portion of the Sticky Waterfall

What To Eat in Thailand

Upon arriving in Thailand, you’ll quickly realize that there’s so much more to Thai cuisine than what you’d find on a menu in an American Thai restaurant. Here are a few of the country’s most popular and delicious dishes:

Thai Lunch & Dinner

Khao Soi – yellow curry noodle with chicken leg (found in the North, especially Chiang Mai)

Khao soi at Lab Kai restaurant in Chiang Mai

Khao kha moo – pork leg stew

Khao man gai – chicken over rice

Green Curry

Pad Thai

Kai yang – grilled chicken

Tom yam – sweet & spicy soup

Gooay teeo reua – boat noodles

Sate with peanut dipping sauce

Thai Breakfast

Khao tom – rice soup

Khao kai jeow – Spicy Thai omelette

Patongo – donut

Nam Tao Hoo – soy milk soup with jelly in bag

Nam tao hoo

Salapao – bun with red barbecued pork, minced pork, sweet red beans or cream

Khao neow sang kaya – sticky rice topped with custard in banana leaf

Aeb pla nin – Found mostly in Chiang Mai, meat, mixed with herbs and spices and curry paste, all wrapped into a banana leaf package

Thai Dessert

Mango with Sticky Rice

Khao Tom Mud – banana leaf sticky rice

Khao Mahk – rice pudding

Tong Yip – Flower Egg Yolk Tart

Tong Yord – Round Egg Yolk Tart

Tong yord

Foi Tong – Shredded Egg Yolk Tart

Khanom Thien – sticky cake

Sakoo Piek – Tapioca Pudding

Roti Gluay – Banana Pancake

Khanom Moa Gang – Thai Custard Cake

Khanom Tarn – Palm Sugar Pudding


My friend Sina provides additional tips on eating and traveling in Thailand on her blog.


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