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U.S. Cities

17424884_10154388074576546_8689611330330528075_nWith over 300 cities over 100,000 in population, the U.S. has a rich variety of urban areas to explore. Each has its own character, landmarks, aesthetics, and things to do.

Photo: Colfax Avenue, Denver

West: Known for its sunshine and lack of humidity, the Western half of the U.S. is casual and most cities are quite centered around outdoors activities. Read more.

Southwest: This corner of the country is dominated by warm desert land and has been heavily shaped by its large Native American and Latino(a) population. Read more.

Midwest: The Great Lakes are the predominant geographic feature of the region and while most of its cities declined in the second half of the 20th century, many are now experiencing revitalization. Read more.

Northeast: The most dense population center of the country and where it all began, these cities have excellent public transportation and plenty of historic landmarks to explore. Read more.

South: Known for sweet hospitality (and sweet tea), the South has a rich and hearty culinary scene and a laid back vibe. Read more.

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