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The Western half of the U.S. is dramatically less densely populated than the East, but there are still plenty of vibrant cities to explore. Whether you choose the sunny beaches of San Diego or the snow-capped mountains of Anchorage, a trip to a Western city is sure to delight, surprise, and thrill.

Photo: Dolores Park, San Francisco

Alaska Cities

Anchorage: Alaska’s largest city is shockingly warm & colorful during summer – with bright displays of flowers, midnight sun, and epic mountain hikes within city limits. Read more.

California Cities

Los Angeles: The largest city in the West is so much more than the entertainment capital of the world. Explore its plethora of neighborhoods and find hidden treasures like the tucked away canals of Venice and the secret stairs of Silver Lake.  Read more.

Sacramento: California’s capital city is not known for being much more than that, but it deserves a second glance. Wander through its impressive Old Town or sample some of its diverse culinary offerings.  Read more.

San Francisco: This Bay Area epicenter’s world-famous landmarks, dramatic hills, and stunning architecture create arguably the most aesthetically pleasing city in the country. Read more.

San Diego: Billed “America’s finest city” and renowned for its near-perfect weather, this more peaceful sister of LA has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Read more.

Colorado Cities

Denver: A nature lover’s paradise, this city is defined by its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, but it also offers 4,000 acres of parkland, incredibly well-preserved turn-of-the-century homes, and some of the best breweries in the country. Read more.

Oregon Cities

Bend: Oregon’s most popular resort city (with endless winter sports, golfing, hiking, and more), Bend is situated in high desert on the beautiful Deschutes River below the Cascade Mountains. Read more.

Portland: Known as the hipster capital of America, this city is perched on the junction of the mighty Columbia & Willamette Rivers with a panoramic view of Mt. Hood to the East. Stroll through one of its many famous gardens or venture out to see nearby forests & waterfalls. Read more.

Washington Cities

Seattle: While it lives up to its reputation of never-ending rain & gloom for much of the year, the warmer months reveal gorgeous hilly neighborhoods and an urban environment that is defined by, perhaps simply part of, its surrounding nature. Read more.

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